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I’m Alexandra Markin, online graduate and the sole creator of this blog. I’m happy to have you here!


I hold a Diploma in Management Studies that I completed online through Thompson Rivers University, an accredited open university headquartered in British Columbia, Canada.

Along the way, I’ve completed thousands of hours of non-formal online courses that have contributed to my success as an entrepreneur, writer and content creator.

I truly believe that online learning is the key to success for those who embrace it. Best of all, it doesn’t have to mean feeling isolated just because you’re sitting behind a screen. Online Student Life has grown into a support community of like-minded students and professionals alike.

About Online Student Life

I started this website in 2021 because I couldn’t find a place that catered to distance learning students and the unique lifestyle it comes with.

Although I love learning, I’ve always preferred not being in class in favour of learning on my own schedule. After years of many abandoned attempts to complete any post-secondary education in the traditional classroom format, discovering online learning at 33 years old was like a shining beacon of hope.

It offered me the freedom and flexibility I needed to finally complete my diploma, which has taught me valuable skills I use in my business every day.

You can read my full story in the post How I Became an Online Student: My Journey Through Formal Education. If you’re feeling lost or disheartened, I hope reading my story gives you some comfort that you’re not alone. Warning – it’s a long read!

What You Can Expect From This Website

At Online Student Life, you’ll find study skills, money saving tips, lifestyle hacks and student resources specifically tailored to help you succeed in the online learning environment and ultimately, achieve study-life balance.

Not sure where to start? Check out the main blog categories:

  • Are you considering doing an online certificate, diploma or degree but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Check out the posts for prospective online students.
  • Being a student is expensive, so check out these money saving tips to help make the most out of student life (while still having a little fun).
  • From college essentials to study skills, I’ve got you covered to make the most of student life, online!
  • Preparing to graduate? Congratulations! Find out what to expect while making this huge milestone a special (and fun!) time in your life by browsing the graduation posts.

Thousands of people visit this site every month and put my blog posts into practice every day. I’m passionate about helping online students do their best and it’s a responsibility I take seriously.

It’s Never Too Late to Start

I didn’t finish my diploma until I was 35 years old, after stopping and restarting many times.

I hope that by sharing my experience and expertise I can help and inspire others to achieve their goals by taking full advantage of the online learning world, no matter what your age or where you are in life.

Learning doesn’t stop once you graduate. I believe in lifelong learning, and one of my life goals is to become multilingual. I’m currently teaching myself French through Duolingo alongside taking online university-level languages courses.

The Online Student Life Shop

Organization is the number one skill you must master as a distance learning student. From printable checklists to my signature course study planner, shop the essentials in the Online Student Life Store.

The course study planner that sets you up for success, no matter what subject you’re studying!

Alexandra Markin + Online Student Life in the Press

I’ve been interviewed by Accredited Schools Online about the value of online learning and my biggest piece of advice to prospective students considering online education. Read my full interview in their post Best Accredited Online Colleges and Universities of 2023.

Keep in Contact

Do you have any questions, comments or ideas for future blog posts? Please let me know! One of my favourite parts about blogging is connecting with my community.

Email me anytime at hello@onlinestudentlife.com.

I do my best to respond to every email as soon as possible. Sometimes it may take me a bit longer to respond (especially if I have an exam coming up!) so thank you for your patience and understanding, and taking the time out of your day to say hello!

I look forward to hearing from you! For more ways to get in touch, visit my Contact page.

For collaboration or partnership inquires, please visit my Work With Me page.

Wishing you all the best on your study journey – you got this!

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