My Favourite School Supplies and Student Resources

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Because I receive so many messages asking me what school supplies I use, I created this page for you to reference anytime you’re looking for a recommendation.

The items below are the ones I use, love and trust and that have contributed to my success as an online student.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and happy shopping!

Online Security

VPN (Virtual Private Network) — Online data privacy and security is extremely important to me, especially when I’m using public Wi-Fi to study in airports, libraries or coffee shops. If you’re unfamiliar with VPNs, read my post Do I Need A VPN As An Online Student?

NordPass — Online students have a lot of passwords to remember. Keep them all safe and secure with NordPass and never forget your password again.

School Supplies

HP Instant Ink — A subscription service that automatically ships ink cartridges to your home! Sign up for Instant Ink USA or Sign up for Instant Ink Canada. Read my full review in the post Is HP Instant Ink Worth It For Students?

Money Making Resources

Rakuten — Earn cash back shopping online from purchases you were going to make anyway. Sign up for Rakuten USA or Sign up for Rakuten Canada.

Money Saving Resources

Student Price Card (SPC) — For a low annual fee, gain access to hundreds of discounts on food, clothing, travel, tech and more. Join SPC here (for Canadian students only).

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