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This page was updated on December 7, 2022.

These are all the things I use and recommend, listed all in one place!

I created this resource page to house all of the products, services, tools and resources that have contributed to my success as an online student.

Bookmark this page as a quick reference for whenever you need a recommendation. Check back often for regular updates!

Online Security

NordVPN — Protect your online privacy and security with NordVPN.

Unfamiliar with VPNs? Read the post Do I Need A VPN As An Online Student?

NordPass — Online students have a lot of passwords to remember. Keep them all safe and secure with NordPass and never forget your password again.

School Supplies

HP Instant Ink — A subscription service that automatically ships ink cartridges to your home! Read my full review in the post Is HP Instant Ink Worth It For Students?

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Money Resources

Rakuten — Earn cash back shopping online from purchases you were going to make anyway. As a student, every dollar adds up so look for cash earning opportunities everywhere you can!

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Credit Keeper —

Blogging Related Courses to Help You Make Money Online

Interested in starting a blog as a side hustle (or main source of income!) while you’re getting your degree? Here are two courses I recommend and have taken myself:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing — Everything you need to know about putting affiliate links on your blog, including how much traffic you need to apply for affiliate programs and all the legal requirements.

Stupid Simple SEO — Every successful blogger needs to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but you don’t need a tech degree to drive traffic to your blog.

Web Hosting Canada — Every blog needs web hosting, and I highly recommend the company I use to host Online Student Life.

Note: Blogging is a long game, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort it can be very rewarding!