31 Stunning Mexican Graduation Cap Ideas For 2023

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Last Updated on November 7, 2023 by Alexandra Markin

If you’re looking for Mexican graduation cap ideas at this point in your education journey, congratulations!

2023 has been quite the year, and it’s time to get ready to celebrate.

According to the 2022 Report on the Condition of Education by the U.S. Department of Education, the percentage of Hispanic students attending college immediately after high school was 60% in 2020.

As colleges and universities continue to get more diversified and education more accessible (especially with the option of doing your degree online) the number of graduates every year continues to grow. Cue even more Mexican graduation cap ideas!

Graduation cap designs aren’t just for students who pursue on-campus degrees. Online students can also attend their school’s convocation ceremony, and I highly encourage it!

No matter what time of year your graduation is held, this post has all the ideas you need to get inspired.

Click in the table of contents below and jump to any idea that most interests you, or scroll through this roundup post from past graduates for some stunning Mexican Graduation cap ideas!

¡felicitaciones en tu graduación!

Mexican Graduation Cap Ideas

Express your individuality with this roundup post of some of the best Mexican graduation cap ideas for 2023.

1. Elegant flowers and butterflies

Source: WaitingOnNatalie on Etsy

“Lo logre! Esto es solo el comienzo voy por mas!”

I made it! This is just the beginning I’m going for more!

Incorporate the colours of the Mexican flag in flowers alongside one of your favourite quotes.

Love this design? Save yourself some time and get this exact cap on Etsy.

2. They migrated so I graduated

Source: Pinterest

Stay true to your roots using butterflies as symbolism while showing thanks to your parents.

Get the beautiful butterflies here to add to your cap in gold, rose gold, silver and several other colours!

3. Use Procreate to create your own design

Source: Pinterest

“¡Nos Graduamos! No fue fácil pero lo logré gracias x su apoyo.”

We graduated! It wasn’t easy but I did it thanks for your support.

This creative graduate incorporated the Mexican flag by using the app Procreate to design this cap herself.

4. The flag done in sparkles and trimmed in flowers

Source: Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with spicing up the flag in a floral border and sparkly handwriting.

Get the green, red and white flowers here.

5. Express your excitement

Source: Pinterest

“Me siento muy excited!”

I feel very excited!

Express your excitement to graduate with a display of pink and red flowers (and matching nails!)

6. First generation graduate pride

Source: Pinterest

“Cada sacrificio tiene su recompensa. 1st gen.”

Every sacrifice has its reward.

Show your pride as a first generation graduate!

7. Showcase your combined heritage

Source: WaitingOnNatalie on Etsy

This graduate has shown their combined Mexican and Guatemalan heritage by including both flags – one on each side of the cap. Brilliant!

8. Beauty from the inside out

Source: Pinterest

“Educada te ves mas bonita.”

Educated you look prettier.

This is one of my favourite Mexican graduation cap ideas. This grad got it right – education is indeed beauty from the inside out, decorated with a pearl border!

Make your own and get your pearls here.

9. Include your name, grad year and discipline

Source: WaitingOnNatalie on Etsy

Make it yours by adding your name and grad year on the bow and discipline down the centre of the cap. Is your full name too long? Monogram it with your initials instead!

10. Hand paint your dream design

Source: Pinterest

“¡Si si pudo!”

“Yes she could!”

Not into measuring and gluing? Hand paint your own custom design directly onto your cap!

11. Opt for a digitally hand-drawn cap

Source: Xingona Vibes

Print out your design on adhesive paper, or save time and get this exact design here.

12. Keep it simple with a minimal design

Source: Pinterest

Keep it simple with a minimal black & white design accented with flowers.

13. Include photos

Source: Pinterest

Are there people who helped you get where you are today? Add their photo to your cap!

14. Stand out with a white background

Source: Pinterest

Most grad caps feature a black or dark background – stand out from the crowd with a white background trimmed with beautiful flowers and butterflies.

Mexican Grad Cap Quotes

Looking for a meaningful quote to include on your cap? Use these Mexican grad cap quotes as they are, or change them up a bit to make them your own.

15. Lo mejor está por venir

Source: Pinterest

“Lo mejor está por venir.”

The best is yet to come.

Design your cap digitally to include your favourite quote.

16. Volando alto sin olvidar de donde vengo

Source: Pinterest

“Volando alto sin olvidar de donde vengo.”

Flying high without forgetting where I come from.

17. Soy fuerte. Soy capaz. Soy mujer.

Source: Pinterest

“Soy fuerte. Soy capaz. Soy imvemcible. Soy mujer.”

I am strong. I am capable. I am immovable. I am a woman.

A powerful quote for powerful women.

18. Mis sueños no tienen fronteras

Source: Pinterest

“Mis sueños no tienen fronteras.”

My dreams have no borders.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Anywhere. Add your name (or initials) and grad year to your cap to truly make it yours.

19. Chingona Cabrona

Source: WaitingOnNatalie on Etsy

“Chingona, Cabrona, y con diploma.”

Chingona, Cabrona, and with a diploma.

You are empowered and capable of doing anything you dream of with this badass quote complete with yellow flowers to really make it pop.

20. Siempre hay belleza en la lucha

Source: Pinterest

“Siempre hay belleza en la lucha. Gracias a mi familia. Luke 1:45.”

There is always beauty in the fight. Thanks to my family. Luke 1:45.

A simple hand painted grad cap with a biblical reference is a beautiful way to carry you into your graduation day.

21. Nunca me raje

Source: Pinterest

“Aveces llore, aveces dude, pero nunca me raje.”

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I hesitate, but I never give up.

Getting a degree is not easy for anyone. Show your strength and perseverance with this Mexican graduation cap quote.

Having trouble focusing on your studies? You’re not alone! Read the post How To Study When You Don’t Feel Like It for techniques proven to help you get back on track.

22. Que tus sueños sean mas grandes que tus miedos

Source: Pinterest by @yass.creates

“Que tus sueños sean mas grandes que tus miedos.”

May your dreams be bigger than your fears.

Black, white and pink set the tone for this powerful quote.

Contact @yass.creates on Instagram to order your beautifully designed custom grad cap!

23. Me puse las pilas

Source: Pinterest

“Me puse las pilas.”

While the literal English translation is “I put the batteries”, this Spanish quote often gets lost in translation, but loosely means “To get started” or “To put in the work.”

A simple design for a meaningful quote.

24. Por ustedes y para ustedes

Source: Pinterest

“Por ustedes y para ustedes.”

By you and for you.

Para Mis Padres Graduation Cap

Include a thank you to your parents as a tribute to their sacrifice with these beautiful Mexican graduation cap ideas.

25. Gracias mamá y papá

Source: Pinterest

“Todo lo que hago lo hago para ustedes. Gracias mamá y papá.”

Everything I do I do for you. Thanks mom and dad.

Show your support for your parents with this heartfelt quote.

26. Mami esto es para ti

Source: Pinterest

“Mami esto es para ti.”

Mommy this is for you.

Want to include a tribute to your mom or dad but don’t want to put in on the main part of your cap? Add a phrase to one of the bow tails.

27. Para mi familia

Source: WaitingOnNatalie on Etsy

“Para mi familia.”

For my family.

A simple but heartfelt tribute on the Mexican flag.

28. Para mis padres

Source: Pinterest

“Para mis padres que llegaron sin nada y me lo dieron todo.”

For my parents who came with nothing and gave me everything.

Incorporate white flowers with rose gold butterflies on a black background for an elegant graduation cap design.

29. Cuando me vean volar

Source: WaitingOnNatalie on Etsy

“Cuando me vean volar, recuerden que ustedes me pintaron las alas. Para mis padres, por su esfuergo y apoyo.”

When you see me fly, remember that you painted my wings. To my parents, for their effort and support.

Use this cap as inspiration, or get the exact one on Etsy!

30. Soñadora poderosa

Source: Pinterest

“Soñadora poderosa.”

Powerful dreamer.

These two words are all you need to succeed.

31. Esto es es para ustedes

Source: WaitingOnNatalie on Etsy

“Gracias mama y papa por sus sacrificios y apoyo. Esto es para ustedes.”

Thank you mom and dad for your sacrifices and support. This is for you.

Use this Mexican grad cap quote to show your parents your appreciation. The white background on the cap makes the flowers and butterflies pop!

DIY Mexican Graduation Cap Supplies & YouTube Tutorial

Get all the supplies you need to create the graduation cap of your dreams! Here is a roundup of all the specialty item links in this post:

Make sure to sign up with Rakuten US or Rakuten Canada to earn cash back on Etsy purchases!

Looking for a visual how-to? Check out this YouTube video for inspiration to bring your Mexican graduation cap ideas to life!

DIY: Graduation Cap Decor. Mexican Flag, Flowers, and Butterflies by SillyCrafting

Where To Buy Pre-Made and Custom-Made Mexican Graduation Caps

Prefer a pre-made cap or want your custom idea made-to-order? Check out these two amazing stores that specialize in some of the best Mexican graduation cap ideas:

Mexican Graduation Cap Ideas – Wrap Up

When graduation is over, it’s time to celebrate your next steps in life: joining the workforce, starting your advanced degree or taking some well-deserved time off.

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