31 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Female University Students (2023)

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Last Updated on October 6, 2023 by Alexandra Markin

Whether you’re giving a gift to your daughter, friend, sister, wife or girlfriend who’s diligently studying day in and day out, this post is a roundup of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for female university students in 2023.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing your degree online or on-campus, every student loves to receive (or send!) Valentine’s Day gifts.

When is Valentine’s Day 2023?

Valentine’s Day this year is on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2023.

Give yourself plenty of time to order your gifts, especially if you’re shopping online. Even if you have an Amazon Prime Student account with free 2-day or less shipping, you never know if the item you want could be out of stock. If this happens, you’ll have lots of time to order another gift.

I recommend buying all your Valentine’s Day gifts mid-January.

Finance Tip: If you’re buying any of your gifts online from Esty, make sure you’re signed up for Rakuten USA or Rakuten Canada to get cash back on all your gift purchases!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for College Girls

As a female online student myself, these Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for college girls are written straight from the heart (and maybe a bit from my own 2023 wish list as well!)

1. Temperature Controlled Mug

Does she love coffee or tea? If so, this temperature controlled smart mug by Ember is the perfect gift if she’s like me and constantly reheats her beverage 5 times before actually finishing it.

Ember mugs come in black, white and red.

I can say from personal experience this mug has been a game changer for my study time – no more endless trips to the microwave.

2. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is a perfect gift if February is a cold month where she lives. This queen size weighted blanket by Cottonblue is made of luxuriously soft sherpa fleece and comes in a variety of colours and prints to suit her style.

A good night’s sleep is extremely important when you’re studying, therefore making this one of those gift ideas for female university students extra thoughtful this Valentine’s Day.

3. Initial Necklace

If she’s crazy about items with her name initials, this initial necklace makes an ideal gift.

Choose from a gold, silver or rose gold finish depending on her favourite metal. Or, get all 3 – gold for her first initial, silver for her middle initial and rose gold for her last initial.

4. Monogrammed Items

Similar to the above, you could order a monogrammed notebook or book bag she can use while studying.

5. Books

What woman in your life doesn’t love reading? Even though reading textbooks are required in all courses, I can say first-hand that students still love to read non-school books. Whether she loves books on productivity, self-help, finance or fiction, you can’t go wrong with giving books as a gift.

Aesthetic Tip: Give her a stack of books in the traditional Valentine’s Day colours: red and white!

The fun, reusable red silk rose petals in the photo below are from Amazon!


Among all the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for female university students, books are always well-received.

6. Student-Based Subscriptions

For a gift that keeps on giving all year long, consider giving a subscription. Think Audible for those who love to read, Amazon Prime Student for those who love movies (and free delivery on their Amazon stationary and desk supply orders!) or HP Instant Ink for those who love printing their notes.

The student in your life will thank you for this year-long gift that will help them in their studies.

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7. Funny yet Motivational Candle

Give a laugh along with some serious motivation by gifting a motivational candle. Yes, these will actually help cheer her on while she studies alongside ambient candlelight!

Get the Bitch You Got This! candle – made by a woman-owned company creating candles for sassy women everywhere.

jar candle with label reading " got this!"

Bonus – positive vibes included.

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8. Long-Distance Friendship Lamp

This unique gift is perfect for the best friend, sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter or study buddy who lives far away. This set of 2 long-distance friendship lamps light up both lamps when you touch them. Keep one for you and send the other to your loved one. They will literally be able to see when you’re thinking of them, no matter the distance!

Nothing is more heart-warming than having your friendship lamp light up on your desk in the middle of a study session.

9. Macaroon Lip Balm Set

Instead of giving regular lip balm in Valentine’s colours, gift a memorable macaroon lip balm set.

10. Satin Pajama Set

A satin pajama set is a luxury gift she can enjoy year-round. Entice sweet dreams so she can awake refreshed for the next round of studying.

Go for white, red or pink so she’ll think of your Valentine’s Day gift every time she wears them.

11. Fuzzy Slippers

As this special holiday is generally geared towards women, this post continues with more Valentine’s Day gift ideas for college girls that are on the feminine side.

Give her a gift of comfort with a pair of Dearfoams fuzzy shearling fur slippers that come in two different shades of pink.

If you’re on a budget and have a Costco membership (or a friend who has one), Costco always has great fuzzy slippers at this time of year.

12. Sorel Women’s Winter Boots

Because February can still be snowy if she lives in a cold climate, these Sorel Torino Ii Tall Boots are perfect for her to wear while walking to study with friends. Trudging through the snow or rain to a library study session carrying all her study materials won’t be a problem in these non-slip and stylish 100% waterproof boots.

These are the exact boots I have and I highly recommend them. I’ve worn them when walking from the free parking area on UBC campus all the way to the library. It’s a 25 minute walk and these boots are extremely comfortable, even in deep snow.

13. Fuzzy Socks

Valentine’s Day themed fuzzy and super soft socks are a great gift if you’re looking for something inexpensive but meaningful.

Perfect to wear with the above mentioned boots, or during cozy home study sessions to keep her feet warm when she’s studying at home for long hours.

14. A Box of Chocolates

Out of all the Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for female university students, you can’t go wrong with the classic: a box of chocolates.

Godiva has a large assortment of beautiful chocolate gift boxes, so you’ll have no problem picking out the perfect box that suits her taste.

Godiva is also a member of the Rakuten cash back program, so if you’ve signed up with Rakuten USA or Rakuten Canada, you’ll get cash back on all your purchases!

15. Chocolate Truffles

If truffles are her favourite kind of chocolate (like mine), I highly recommend a box of the Godiva signature assorted truffles. Their boxes come in two different sizes, and the black and gold box is a classy touch.

16. Flowers

Another classic Valentine’s Day gift is flowers, and you can’t go wrong with these either if she’s a romantic at heart.

Experts in flowers, Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD) has been in business for over 110 years and offers shipping to over 150 countries. Rest assured your floral gift gets to her safely and beautifully wrapped, whether she lives down the street or halfway around the world.

FTD is also a member of the Rakuten cash back program, so be sure to sign up here for the USA and here for Canada.

17. Satin Hair Scrunchie

Any student with long hair knows how annoying it is to have your hair in your face while you’re trying to study. A pink scrunchie is a practical yet pretty Valentine’s Day gift idea for college girls. Help her study without distraction while the beautiful satin material protects her precious strands.

18. Heart Keepsake Box

Perfect to hold small items of meaning, this adorable white ceramic heart keepsake box lets her know you’re thinking of her, always.

19. Individual Hot Chocolate Packets

Not only are individual hot chocolate packets cute, but they’re also great for long study sessions – just open, mix in water or milk and it’s ready to drink.

20. Heart-Pattern Apron

If she loves to cook or bake, a red and white heart-pattern apron is a thoughtful and useful gift she can use year-round.

21. Heated Blanket

There’s nothing quite like getting into a pre-warmed bed after sitting at your desk for hours. This heated blanket by Sunbeam (also called an electric blanket) can be put either under the fitted sheet or over the top sheet – whatever her preference is!

My mom has had these in her guest room for years and they’re amazing during the cold weather months – I always look forward to spending the night!

22. Study Size Throw Blanket

Speaking from personal experience, a girl can never have too many blankets! Women always seem to be cold while men always seem to be hot, so blankets top one of the most useful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all female students attending university.

In addition to a weighted blanket and a heated blanket, gift her a cozy throw blanket she can use while studying. They come in multiple sizes, so make sure to get the “throw” size: 50″ x 60″ (127cm x 152cm) – anything other than that is too big to use while seated at a desk.

My designated desk study setup is by my window and gets cold in the winter months, so I use my small throw blanket to cover my lap almost every day. It makes a big difference!

23. Lumbar Support Pillow

A lumbar support pillow is also something that lives on my desk chair – it’s great for her lower back when she needs that extra support. Gift her a cute monogrammed one!

24. Heart Shaped Stress Ball

Not only are these good for when exams are approaching, they also help strengthen her hands for all that note taking she does. Get these adorable red heart-shaped stress balls – they come in a pack of 12 so you can gift them to multiple students in your life who need to combat stress!

25. Valentine’s Day Spa Gift Box

With the shopping and wrapping already done for you, gift her a Valentine’s Day spa gift box. This beautiful set scented in pink grapefruit is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

26. Bath Bomb

For a relaxing bath at the end of a long day, make sure it’s extra special with these heart-shaped bath bombs.

27. Pink Heart Shower Steamers

What if she’s not into baths? Gifts these instead! Like a bath bomb for your shower, these adorable pink heart shower steamers sit on the shower floor while the warm water runs over them, infusing the air with a relaxing scent.

28. Desk Plant

Did you know there’s such a thing as a desk plant? Along with flowers, Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD) has an entire category of desk plants to choose from.

Add some greenery to her desk!

29. Gift Card

It’s long been a great debate whether a gift card is an “acceptable” gift for Valentine’s day. However, some people just prefer gift cards (or cash), and you usually have no problems knowing who those people are.

The best gift card choice for university students is Amazon as they have a little of everything, but you know her best. Maybe she loves clothes, stationary, travel or cooking. The right gift card shows her you care.

30. Homemade Baked Goods

This gift is the perfect choice if there is a baked goods recipe of yours she loves. All it requires is a bit of your time and the required ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

31. The Gift of Your Time

Time is the most valuable gift you can give. Buy her tickets to a play, movie or show she wants to see and spend the day together.

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